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A song like “New Shades,” for example, is exactly the kind of bright, forward-momentum music that could be the soundtrack to driving around in a convertible while the sun beats down on you. Montreal’s Fixture Records has always excelled at putting out records of a very particular kind of minimalist guitar-pop, from the wonderfully stoic vocals of Moss Lime to the done-in-a-flash rock of Freelove Fenner. So it’s no surprise that Tessa Smith and Conor Prendergast of Brave Radar—who also run Fixture Records—recorded Lion Head in Freelove Fenner’s studio. Clams’ production on the first half of the record should feel familiar to anyone who’s been listening to him for a while. There’s the airy vocal samples and dripping synthesizer leads, as if from a dank cave rather than Clams’ metropolitan Jersey. He flexes his muscles on the Vince Staples-led “All Nite”, echoing the thundering sounds of Summertime ’06. Clams isn’t exactly exploring new territory, but he’s offering the most polished version yet of his style. And really, isn’t that part of the idea of a solo producer record? Twilight struck out in a distinct direction, taking steps into the ambient and industrial while carrying along a phonographic sensibility. Using sounds derived from a variety of acoustic as well as electronic sources, Twilight foreshadowed the diversity and pliability of sampled, industrial and lowercase musics, ensuring the album was remarkably prescient and remains resiliently fresh to this day. The album also contains very deep lyrics on songs that will bring a lot of emotion in somebody while listening because the topics are ones with which most people can identify. A track that really stood out in that particular category was the sixth track, “She’s a problem,” a song about a man who is in love with a troubled woman with substance abuse problems who keeps breaking his heart. He is still heavily infatuated with her and can’t seem to let her go. Lost River is the directorial debut for Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, who starred in 2011’s Drive—a film that became famous for a soundtrack that featured several of Jewel’s projects. The new movie comes out on April 10th, though Jewel released the soundtrack through his own label today, along with a full stream over at YouTube, according to Pitchfork. With tracks like “Time Moves Slow” featuring haunting vocals from Sam Herring of Future Islands, the syncopated groove of “Lavender,” a collaboration with Montreal based producer Kaytranada, the rumbling fusion build of “Confessions Pt. II” featuring Colin Stetson on the bass sax, “Love” which is highlighted with smokey left field raps from Mick Jenkins & the epic chords of “Speaking Gently,” IV is an exploration in post-genre virtuosity. Out Summer 2016 on Innovative Leisure Records, BBNG prove yet again that the possibilities & discovery in their musical quest are infinite. BADBADBADNOTGOOD is the talented young quartet of Matthew Tavares on keys, Chester Hansen on bass, Alex Sowinski on drums & Leland Whitty on saxophone. They formed and became inseparable friends at Humber College’s Music Performance program in 2011 and have been on a critically acclaimed, rule bending musical journey ever since. If ever there were a film made for a Scott Walker soundtrack, it’s The Childhood Of A Leader. A woman watches her ex-lover with another on the dancefloor and persists to dance away her sorrows all night. About 7 years before Body Talk, Robyn ended her decade long relationship with Jive Records after the latter reacted negatively to her new indie friendly electro-pop sound, far before Charli XCX and Lorde were bankable stars. Known primarily as a Swedish Euro pop singer, Robyn was left without a contract and forced to make and release music on her own. In a beautiful marriage of expert songwriting and context, the song has become a symbol for independence and the most accessible song of the decade. Though some would call it a thematic sequel to Crazy In Love, Countdown holds the logical place for definitive Beyonce song of the era. With an ambitious attitude that lines colourful music and a dynamic performance from one of the most important artists of all time, it’s a wildly important song. Countdown stays true to the idealism reminiscent of the early stage of Beyonce’s career, but also displays a maturity reflective of the current one. An ode to self worth and monogamy, Beyonce pours out her undying devotion to her love without ever having to sacrifice how she values herself. Noticeably reminiscent of the best FM rock of the 70s, The Suburbs somehow turned out to be an evolution of the Arcade Fire sound.

  • Despite its small size, Enceladus has a wide range of surface features, ranging from old, heavily cratered regions to young, tectonically deformed terrains that formed as recently as 100 million years ago.
  • If you follow the links at the bottom of this posting, you will find stories and photos from past events that featured Island beef, lamb, lobster, potatoes, etc.
  • Oblivion and its album Visions represent a huge triumph of the great DIY revolution of the 2010’s.
  • The production is unmistakable, yet the featured artists always come away sounding like the main attraction.

A self-proclaimed Crip, with Norf Norf, Staples instantly established himself as a peerless juggler of traditional gangsta rap lyricism and avant-garde electro-beats, two divergent sensibilities emboldened by Clams Casino’s lurching, terrifying production. Making perhaps the most important rap music by a teenager since Illmatic, Vince Staples possessed a similar higher education wokeness, but unlike Nas, Staples’ vision of American street life is without hope. It’s an America Staples truly believes he lives in and whether Christian moms have a say in what is appropriate for their children to hear on FM radio, it’s a very real America. In the latter stage of his career, Mac Miller transformed his sound from couch potato mixtape rap to freshly faced hip-house, driving up his BPMs, and crafting decidedly more danceable music. Redbone, with its silky falsetto delivery and 70s arrangement symbolizes a punk move for a multi-talented star like Glover, an artist who was doing something on his own terms. It symbolized a protest to critics who believed he was incapable of making great music and a surprise to fans who expected another Because the Internet. Meek Mill went after Drake’s integrity as an artist, but Drake got personal.. Going after Meek Mill’s relationship, career, and lifestyle. Back to Back was an anthemic, roast-laden, meme-worthy, response, never failing to provide goofy rap-alongs to housequakes and club nights. The evolution of the home studio opened up a wormhole of DIY artists from everywhere from Vancouver to Australia. All of a sudden the line in the sand had blown away, now the popular music fan spends much of their time in the underground, while the indie community reveres artists they might have called industry plants in the 2000s. And it was true, the most compelling music seemed to come from just about anyone. The 2010’s are just about over and I’m pretty sure we can all agree that there’s too much damn content out there. For the first time ever, the average person practically has every album in the palm of your hands for what seems like the cost of one. The industry finally figured out how to recoup some of their losses from the DL revolution of the early 2000s. Put everything on a platform and charge everyone a competitive subscription fee. In the process, the age of streaming redefined the rules for the modern pop song and subsidized the value of record sales. Throughout the rollout of his Without People album, Woods has prioritized giving back to others and supporting diverse communities.

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Gaming equipment provider Inspired Entertainment has made a $370 million offer to acquire slot machine maker PlayAGS Inc, people familiar with the matter said on Friday. Inspired has offered $10 per share in cash to acquire PlayAGS, the sources said. California’s High-Speed Rail Authority said Thursday it won $25 million in new federal grant funding to advance its project beyond 119 miles under construction, while pursuing an additional $1.3 billion award. The U.S. Transportation Department grant will provide more than half of the estimated $41 million for a design contract to connect the cities of Madera and Merced. Last fall, the Biden administration awarded it $24 million “for crucial safety, efficiency and construction projects” around Wasco, California said. Companies such as Brookfield Asset Management have the potential to consistently beat the broader markets and deliver stellar returns to investors. The post 4 Stocks That Could Turn $100,000 Into $500,000 by the Time You Retire appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada. MEXICO CITY -Mexican leasing firm Unifin’s debt restructuring is credit negative and could reflect tight refinancing conditions for Mexican financial institutions, Moody’s rating agency said on Friday. The massive list of co-producers on “Everyday” typically speak to a track that winds up overcooked, but instead they ended up with an understated instrumental that provides room for both Rocky’s dexterous flows and the sample to shine. Python Lee Jackson’s chunky bass line is recast beneath propulsive drums that seem to switch textures every four bars. When the beat switches up on the second verse and contorts the sample into a syrupy mulch, it echoes the raucous spirit of the original while providing a fresh, trappy twist. It takes a lot of courage to sample something as iconic as Moby’s “Porcelain,” but “A$AP Forever” works so well because the 1999 classic is left largely intact. Instead of warping the track until it’s unrecognizable, Rocky and producer Hector Delgado pick their spots carefully. In many ways it’s a throwback to when emcees would rap over loops, but it’s also a genuinely innovative choice in the current hip-hop climate. The best part about it all, however, is how well it all works, because it could have turned out to be such a disaster in the wrong hands. The score, composed by Clint Mansell alongside the Kronos Quartet and Mogwai, is ultimately one the better elements of the film, and its dreamlike nature goes from grandiose to to warped and thick with atmosphere in the hands of Ty Beats. It’s easy to see why this is the song that got everyone talking about Rocky. Utilizing the “Just For Now” sample that defined so much cloud-rap back when it was a hot blog commodity, “Bass” and “Demons” still as sound cutting edge as they did back in 2011. Spinning two different approaches over Clams’ foggy production, Rocky sets the tone for experimentation early. Clams Casino’s breakthrough work was very much characterized by Imogen Heap samples, but two of the best examples of this come from two tonally disparate tracks from Rocky’s debut mixtape, Live. The Paroli System is one of the simplest betting systems when playing the blackjack. Even though the system is not very famous among blackjack players, the few who employ its use argue that it has a vast potential to make one earn considerable profits. Cycles of the mark Royal was also produced and delivered to small cycle firms. The Cycle factory of Trelleborg worked in a laid down factory since 1994. From the beginning the production was done in a small scale by cycles of the mark TV and sold mostly by the local business in the Trelleborg city. It is nicely arranged and shown in Anders old prepared barn.It is is an almost pedantic order and the old barn is cleaned from all hay, when you enter.The whole barn was high pressure washed before Anders started to made up the barn area as a museum. For a full exterior tour of a shuttered Buffalo Bill’s and its condition as of September 2020, check out the video below.

  • The pace transitions seamlessly from bustling intro to halftime rhythm breaks that feel like epiphanies.
  • It’s typical high level sonics from the record label of the era and a far more sincere love song than anything in the Kendrick catalogue.
  • Kudos go to Chef Michael Smith and the large team of chefs, waiters, hospitality and support staff from the Culinary Institute of Canada, and others for a phenomenal event.
  • Buffalo Bill’s has a large buffalo shaped swimming pool for guests.
  • And working with samples means submitting yourself to a longer timetable.

The beads were strung in single strands or woven into “belts”, much like those made on bead-looms today. Obviously going out on a limb here, but if Slash was replaced on Appetite for Destruction with another good guitarist, Appetite for Destruction still sells the same # of records. a man they all credit the sum of the parts for the band’s short, but meteoric rise. Appetite for Destruction is still today the highest grossing debut album in the history of the planet. Sure the band was great and Slash is all-world, but no one was buying Appetite for Destruction because of Slash’s guitar licks. That cunt Tom Delonge from Blink-182 immediately came to mind. When I hear that I Miss You song, I cant help but think back to my days at high school and wishing him and that God awful band to eat a log of shit for making an annoying song, and everyone else for liking that song in 2004. MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) is one of many large entertainment corporations that continue to film and produce movies and television shows on huge soundstages and studio facilities—known as “lots”—located in the greater Los Angeles, California, area. It was founded in 1924 by Marcus Loew and famously features a roaring lion as its “production card” . Def Leppard is an enduring British heavy metal rock band founded in 1977. Their greatest popularity came from the early 1980s through the 1990s; their 1987 album Hysteria sold 20 million copies, and altogether they have sold more than 100 million albums throughout the world. They continue to tour, while band members also devote attention to various side projects. Now, the villain is putting the spotlight back on his production with the official vinyl release of Special Blends, Vol. Originally self-released in extremely limited quantities back in 2004, Special Blends Vol. 1 & 2 pairs vintage DOOM-produced Special Herbs instrumentals with classic hip-hop and R&B vocals. Mixed by DOOM himself, this collection incorporates vocals from a wide range of iconic records. Opening with the six-minute “Your Name Part 2” sees Boris predict Yellow & Green-era of Baroness with its slow-burn charm.

Ugly Heroes “Everything In Between” (Mellow Music Group)

He has been actively producing music since the mid 1970s – his current catalog includes 16 still-in-print albums plus two collaborative albums with Marc Barreca. Leimer’s work is included in the collection of The British Library. During those visits, Burroughs would play back his tape recorder experiments featuring his spoken word “cut-ups”, collaged field recordings from his travels and his flirtations with EVP recording techniques, pioneered by Latvian intellectual Konstantins Raudive. Throughout the next year, P-Orridge, Christopherson and Grauerholz would spent countless hours compiling various edits, each collection showcasing Burroughs sensitive ear and keen experimental prowess for audio anomaly within technical limitations. Recorded at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco, CA, Dead Revolution is more varied than its predecessor (2011’s 17th Street), by using different tones, and delving into heavier, darker territory. With tracks like the stupendous “The Precipice”, the raging “Flying Alone”, and the riff-organ fest that is “Dead Revolution”, Hammers Of Misfortune have found a way to indulge their progresssive and psychedelic tendencies while remaining decidedly metal. The record is comfortably balanced between different periods of Shepherd’s work, derailing expectation surrounding followups, all while still obfuscating the line between analog and digital. The reverse side, “For Marmish II,” provides a more distinguishable comparison to its predecessor on Elaenia. The noticeably jumpy crackling in the chords of the first version are superseded by rhythmic organs operating at a slow, uninterrupted tempo. Odd claps guide the loop like intermittent lights along a desolate midnight road. Prolific Brooklyn-based underground MC/producer Oddissee is back yet again with a free blessing, the seven-track AlWasta EP, to hold us over until the followup to The Good Fight drops in May. The Sudanese-American spitter has come correct for years with skillful every-man raps that exude a knowledge far beyond self and are still highly relatable. That these three ever got into the same room together is a miracle, and that they produced something so intense, energetic and weird is another almost unbelievable feat. The record is special enough as a stand-alone document of this meeting/melting of the minds before you find out the backing band consists of Hubert Sumlin, Otis Spann and freaking Buddy Guy. 212 is a zeitgeist capsule by an artist who never apologized for unashamedly being herself. Never above pointing out her peers’ novel gimmicks and novelty as the source of their notoriety. While most people laughed and trolled, the valiant music fan saw an artist who was ultimately doomed by the frivolous ego that was her ticket in the first place, but hey..she can be the answer. Kanye has always been something of a visionary fuelled by his own curiosity. Like all great auteurs before him he seemingly perfects ideas, discards them and starts fresh every release, but never before with the brashness and audacity of Yeezus. Still keeping his bold sense of experimentation, but now weaponizing a less lavish vision. It’s the part of the movie where it seems as though nothing could fail, you know like the beginning of Act II. On “Countdown”, Beyonce Knowles Carter practically explodes with joyous adventurism in entering a new phase of her life and career.

All of the vocal chops and samples you hear cut over that track, Sliink cut around the instrumental. The end result is one of the bouncier joints to come out of this era. Fresh off an outstanding year in the FMB World tour Brett and Mechanical Eye Media want to show you how much he has to offer. Brett, obviously known for his slopestyle riding ability, doesn’t want to be viewed as a one track mind. He wants to expand that riding vocabulary, so to speak, and be viewed as an overall talent upon his bike. Brett is known for his signature style, making every trick look like he’s doing it at ease, some would say he’s like fresh concrete; smooth, no cracks or flaws and has a solid riding foundation.

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